Twin Parenting Classes

Twin Parenting Classes

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As the pregnant and new mom’s meeting leader for eight years with the Manhattan Twins Club, Natalie Diaz has created a series of classes compiling families most-asked questions and most common discussions. She includes a variety of opinions in the class, including her own, but the goal is to have families leave each class knowing the choices they have so THEY can decide which one is best for them.
twins classes“We wanted to share our deepest gratitude for Natalie and her class. We are first time parents to 4 week old twins. We don’t have a lot of family in New York City, so as we were preparing for parenthood, we were pretty shaky. I remember walking out of Natalie’s class a new man! We said to ourselves, WE CAN DO THIS.
Natalie’s advice and education is priceless and as time is passing every tip or piece advice she gave us has proven to be dead-on! Any expecting parent of twins should take theses two classes! ” Love, Eric, Asaf, Oz and Amalia.

Classes are starting up in Chicago this November! Click here for more details!

twins classesTwiniversity parenting classes are ideal for:

– New families who just found out they are expecting two or more. (The ideal time to take the 101 class is between 24-34 weeks pregnant).
– Families who already have a child and are NOW expecting twins and want to know what the differences will be.
– Families who have had their twins and need help with figuring out the fine-tuning of parenting your kids (sleep schedules, feeding issues, interacting with the twins).
– Families who don’t have the time to register and prepare for the children (Twiniversity will register FOR you and help plan your nursery).

twins classesTwiniversity 101: Twins Prep

This class will cover everything you need to know BEFORE your bundles of joy arrive!
During this three hour lecture, I will highlight all the important information you need to get you well on your way in preparing your home, yourself, and your relationship for the upcoming arrival of your twins including: 
-What equipment you will need and when (full registry provided)
-What help do you really need and how to find it
-Cheat Sheets on: Eating for Three, Pediatrician Interview Questions, Nanny Interview Questions, Dealing with Bed Rest
-What to pack for the hospital
-Recovering from a C-section
-Breastfeeding/bottle feeding tips and tricks for multiples
-Introducing twins to siblings
-Preparing your pets for your new arrivals
-Dealing with a NICU stay
-What you should have in order BEFORE the twinnies arrive
-Getting your marriage baby ready
-And much more…

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The Twins Prep 101 Class is taught at La Mela on Mulberry Street in Manhattan. Held the FIRST MONDAY of each month (with the exception of July and August), this class tends to sell out fast, so please book ahead of time when possible. Map to La Mela
To reserve a spot in our 101 class email: with the date you would like to reserve along with your partner’s name and your expected due date. Natalie will get back to you within one business day. You can also call her at 917.442.2020. For information on Chicago classes, click here for more details.
The class is $160* per family. This covers two (2) adults typically spouse/partner/family member and mom. The fee also covers lecture, class materials, DINNER and a goody bag worth over $100!

twins classesTwiniversity 201: Newborns

This 3 hour class discusses all the ins and outs of your new life after the twinnies are born. Natalie will give you plenty of tips and tricks on how to adjust after your world gets turned upside-down (in a good way). For new parents with twins 1 day to six months old. Topics in the 201 class include:
-Daily schedules
-Sleep training
-Finding and interviewing a Nanny/Babysitter/Mother’s Helper
-Nanny vs. daycare vs. staying at home
-Mistakes new parents make
-Diapering 101
-Introduction to solids
-Getting things done with what little time you have
-Interacting with your new bundles of joy
-Bath time x 2
-How to deal with your new relationship (and I don’t mean the kids)
-Traveling with your circus around our city and globe (train, bus, car, air travel)
Classes are held typically held on the second Monday of each month. The class runs from 6:15-9:15pm and is held at various NYC downtown locations (depending on class size). This class is limited to seven families per month, so if you would like to reserve a space, please email ASAP! For information on Chicago classes, click here for more details.
Same as with the 101, the class is $160* per family (spouse/partner/family member and mom) includes lecture, class materials, dinner and a goody bag worth over $100.

Interested in a private class or private group class?

If you need to book a private date (or would like to arrange for your own class with your friends and family – singleton families welcome) please email for full details. Natalie will travel anywhere in the tri-state area (NY, NY, CT). If you live further away, please contact us for special pricing. If you live in the Chicagoland area, click here for more details.

Online Classes

Online Classes are given throughout the year for families outside of the Twiniversity class area or for families on bed rest. Online classes are given as a 101/201 combo class lasting around five hours. Email for full details or call 917.442.2020. 
*Scholarships are available on a case by case basis. If you can not afford the Twiniversity class fee and would like to attend, please email