Restless Toddler Twinnies: Take Action!!!

Living in Florida during the peak of the sweltering hot months, is like living up North during the winter. The only way to stay comfortable is to stay inside. After awhile, however, just like adults, our toddler twinnies can get restless too.

Now that the seasons are changing and Fall is here; it’s the perfect time to step outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Whether you take your twinnies outside in the yard; to the park; or out for a stroll; it’s not about where you go, but what you do to keep your twinnies busy and happy, throughout the day.

Here’s what a little change in outdoor activity can do for you and your multiples:

  • It’s good exercise for everyone
  • It cuts down on crankiness, tantrums, and fights between your toddlers.
  • Your twinnies will have better appetites and won’t be such ‘picky eaters.’
  • They’ll both take better, (and longer), naps.
  • You’ll find yourself relaxed, (if just for a moment), refreshed and ready to take on the next adventure with your multiples.

Believe me, it works every time…just like magic! Even if it’s just for an hour a day; break the boredom and Take Action outside, with your twinnies this Fall!

Junie & Jasmine Take Action!



  1. One of our M.O.M.’s from Twiniversity’s facebook page, Jamie Kuklinski, asked, “Its just getting cold here. We’ve been outside all day, all summer. I’m dreading winter. What am I going to do with them???”

    Here’s my suggestion: In a pinch, during the winter months up North, where it’s harder to get out as often; try bringing the action inside…even if it means bringing an outside activity/toy in the house for a bit. However, try this as a last resort, and dare to be BOLD. Bundle up your twinnies and get out, even if it’s cold!