Childproofing Built for Two (or more)

“Little Monsters.” Before I became a new parent of twinnies, I’d never heard the term used in such an endearing way. Nor did I truly understand what the big deal was about childproofing for multiple toddlers.  Since I’d already been through childproofing with my older singleton, I thought, ‘Well, how hard could it REALLY be?!”

Until early one morning, it happened.

First, came the rustling sound; then the girls soft chitter-chatter and giggles; followed by a loud SNAP, thunk, and the slow sweak of their bedroom door opening. Lying in the room next to theirs, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Knowing that just the night before, I had installed a child-safety lock onto their door knob; I couldn’t believe my ears! And then I heard more…the pitter-patter of little feet, entering my room. Standing there, at the edge of the bed, with her curly hair tousled about and big blue eyes staring at me, (like the mythical character, Medusa);  there she was, our Twin B, Junie, “Mommmy…Juice?”

Since then, I can’t count the number of times I’ve spent rescuing my climbing twinnies, from accidents waiting to happen. Launching myself into the air, (and sometimes tackling the floor), like something you’d see during an NFL football game; I’ve saved them from tabletops, countertops, sofas, mini blinds, and lamps, to name a few.

So what do you do when childproofing is no longer enough for two? Here are some tips from our readers:

  • See the world in their eyes: Get down on the floor and crawl around, literally. Investigate what looks tempting from their vantage point. Seeing the world from their angle may help you find some hidden accidents waiting to happen.
  • Less is More: When in doubt either, put it up altogether or move it up high & out of reach. With less to worry about, you’re sure to have more peace of mind.
  • Gates, Gates & more Gates: With multiple baby play yards on the market, you can set up a safe, play zone wherever you go!
  • Cabinet & Drawer Handles: Turn them around, making it even harder to reach in and grab.
  • Create an Invisible Shield: Shield the TV with custom made covers for your electronics.
  • Use Door Guards & Door Jams: To prevent pinched fingers and protect stairways.
  • Noisemakers: Use bells, accessories and shoes ( that squeak, to help you keep track of your twinnies’ every move.
  • Keep them occupied: Find a fun activity (vacuuming/sweeping) to keep your multiples busy and out of trouble.
  • Modify your Methods: Frequently change and update your ‘childproofing’ techniques to keep your twinnies safe & happy, through each stage.

No matter how you choose to childproof for your toddler twinnies; it is important to remember that your home may not look the same for awhile. But that’s ok. Take a DEEP breath. And rest assured…You are NOT living a nightmare! It’s just a phase. And by the time your multiples are around age 4, Nat says, “It’ll be a piece of cake!”