Twinnies of the Month – July

July's Twinnies of the Month Darya and Aylin
So far, summer has been GREAT for the Siman family. Between spending time outside at the park and at the playground with friends; 17-month-old twins, Darya and Aylin, have plenty to keep them busy. But when it’s too hot to play outside, their mom avoids summer boredom by making indoor playdates and dancing the day away!
“It’s a great way for the girls to burn off some excess energy,” says mom, Haley. “And for me, to get in a little exercise.”
Of course, she adds, ‘No vacation is complete, without a tropical fruity drink or water with fancy straws!’ Smile
Congratulations to our July “Twinnies of the Month,” Darya and Aylin Siman, and proud parents, Haley and Farzad, of New York, NY! You will receive a $25 giftcard to Toys ‘R Us!
For more about Darya and Aylin; here’s their story:
Name of Multiples: Darya and Aylin
Parents: Haley and Farzad Siman
Date of Birth (Multiples): 2/8/10
Current City/State: New York, NY
Favorite Colors: purple and green
Favorite Activities: playing on the swings, playing with the dog
Favorite Song: Laurie Berkner, Bumblebee
Favorite Book: Caps for Sale
Favorite Toy: a recorder (musical instrument)
Favorite Food: sweet potato and stir fry
Favorite activity together: everything!
Most recent milestones? walking
What makes each twinnie unique: Aylin is a performer, she is always trying to make her sister laugh. Darya is the most appreciative audience in the world and is always ready with a big smile and fantastic giggle.
How did you celebrate the Fourth of July with your twinnies? PICNIC!
What is the best tip you have received for your twinnies, from other moms, here at Twiniversity? My twin mom friends have encouraged me to be more adventurous with the girls – to try new activities before I thought they were ready and help my girls really develop as people. They have supported me in this crazy twin-mom-whirlwind from Day 1. I don’t think I could have made it this far without the fantastic support of the twin boards and some wonderful twin mom friends I have made along the way.
Our Twinnies of the Month have received a $25 gift card from Twiniversity just for being so awesome! Do you know some amazing twinnies/trippies or have some yourself? If you would like to be considered for this special Twiniversity member highlight, email and tell her why your multiples ROCK!